deluxe guestbook

Add a Deluxe Guestbook

Add a deluxe guestbook to your booking for guests to leave a message along with their fun photo booth creation! An extra print will be offered per session for the guestbook and we’ll also supply pens, glue and double sided tape for your event!

Add a Custom Start Screen

Add a custom start screen to your booking to really own your event! Our in-house designer can customise the screen, message, and even the selection buttons to suit your event needs!

custom start screen
photo booth branding

Brand our photo booths with a custom wrap

Our photo booths are brandable inside and out! Custom wrap our bad boys to maximise exposure or highlight your special occasion!

Add a Sharing Station

Add a sharing station to your booking to allow guests to share their images away from the booth. This is recommended for medium to large scale events to maximise photo booth usage!

sharing station

Add the VIP Treatment

Roll out the red carpet for your guests...literally! Add a red carpet and gold bollards to your booking for that extra VIP feel!

vip experience
custom prop signs

Add Custom Prop Signs

Whether it be a wedding, birthday or corporate event, our in-house designer can create custom prop signs, especially for your event!

Add Custom Digital Props to your Socialite Booking

Add some custom digital props to your Socialite, Social Slider, or Roaming Booth booking. Share some ideas with us to see what we can create or create your own & we’ll add them to the workflow!

custom digital props
photo booth filters

Add Some Filters

Filters are a fun addition and we have a bunch! Create unique experiences by adding some totally Instagrammable filters to your life! Check in to see what we have available!

Add Additional Templates

Want more than one template design choice for your event? No problem, add additional templates to your booking and give your guests more to choose from!

additional templates
animated gif template

Add an Animated GIF Template

Add an animated overlay to your GIF and Boomerang templates to step up your insta game and create powerful, fun imagery!

Upgrade your Backdrop

Upgrade your backdrop from our high tension fabric backdrops to one of ou mesmerising streamervlle, shimmer sequin walls, or faux flower wall!

custom backdrops

Add a Custom Backdrop

We have a massive range of backdrops available for hire, but if you need a custom backdrop or media wall for your event then check in with us for a quote!

Go Green Screen

Let your imagination run wild with creative backgrounds and imaginative overlays to transport guests into another dimension of fun!

Ask us about our magic green screen options!

green screen
wifi and email sharing

Add Wi-Fi & E-mail Sharing to your Retro, Fomo or Mirror Booth booking

Add social sharing for guests to share their images straight from your Retro, Fomo, or Mirror Booth!

Add GIF & Boomerang features to your Fomo or Retro booking

Add GIF & Boomerang features to your Fomo or Retro booth booking to add another element of fun to your event!

gif & boomerang

Add Analytics & Data Collection to your Socialite, Social Slider, and Roaming bookings

Add a custom survey, collect E-mails & mobile numbers, and track how photos from your event were shared!

Add a Roaming Booth to your Photo Booth Hire

Add a Social Roamer, Ring Roamer, or Selfie Booth to your Photo Booth booking to capture even more images at your event! This add-on includes an additional Boothspert to roam your event!

live slide show

Live Slide Show

If you or your venue have a projector handy we can organise a live slide show of images from the booth!

Projection and Projection Mapping

We can do some pretty cool things with our projectors. Ask us for more info on what we can do!

projection mapping

Do you have another photo booth extra, add-on or experience that isn't featured above? Tell us your exciting Melbourne photo booth hire ideas and we'll work with you to bring them to life!

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