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Picture this, you’ve organised an event, the social event of the season, but wait, you forgot to add the entertainment, whoops! What will flow, what will be fun, but most importantly, what would be memorable? Enter, Photo Booth Hire Melbourne!

Entertaining – Check!

Fun – Check!

Memorable – You betcha!

But which of our gorgeous Melbourne open photo booth hire options should you choose? Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of them, but we have popped together some info to help you narrow down which photo booth will suit your event best!


Tell me, who doesn’t love a GIF Booth? No seriously, tell me, I need to know because it’s virtually impossible not to love them!

Our Melbourne GIF booths are sleek, modern, and oh-so-fun! Capable of capturing still photos, GIFs and boomerangs, these gorgeous little guys will have your guests interacting and creating laugh-out-loud GIFs and boomerangs before you know it! Don’t forget to have those hashtags ready because Email and SMS sharing is available straight from the photo booth, allowing guests to upload their fun photo creations instantly! The Socialite can be hired with or without printing with a ton of great extras and add-ons available upon request!

The Socialite GIF booth is a perfect match for corporate events and activations due to their social reach and ability to encourage guests to actively interact with brands, but are also insanely fun for birthdays, weddings, and bar-mitzvahs!

In the last year, due to Covid-19, these beauties have also been intergraded with QR code readers and digital props for those that would prefer a contact-less photo booth experience! WOW, technology has come a long way, and we love it!

socialite gif booth melbourne


The DSLR GIF booth is a new addition to Photo Booth Hire Melbourne and has been lovingly welcomed with open arms! The Socialite Pro houses a DSLR camera for higher pixel pics and GIFs! Guests will be able to strike individual poses for their print strip or strike 4 individual poses for a fun GIF that they can then share instantly from the photo booth! This amazing social media photo booth can be hired with or without printing and has a modern yet boho charm that we find irresistible. The Socialite pro is also integrated with QR code activation and digital props for those of you that would prefer a contact-less photo booth experience.

The Socialite Pro is well suited to corporate events and activations due to its high social reach, but are also an amazing addition to weddings, birthdays and all milestone events.

melbourne dslr gif booth


Our Fomo and Retro open photo booths are equipped with a DSLR camera for higher quality snaps for when pixels really matter! Operating in a more traditional manner with a 3-second countdown between snaps and on-the-spot printing, but with modern aesthetics and an open style that make them instantly desirable for weddings and parties a-like! Gone are the days of having to cram into a small photo booth box to take an uncomfortable photo, spread your wings and pose the way you want with a Photo Booth Hire Melbourne open photo booth! With beauty lighting that works like magic, gorgeous backdrop options, and Instagram worthy filters, you’re in for a treat with the Fomo or Retro Photo Booth at your event!

The Fomo and Retro Booth are the perfect addition for weddings, birthdays and celebratory events of all kinds!

open photo booth hire


The Kardashian photo booth trend is real folks, and it’s actually the best thing ever! The best part is, you don’t have to be a millionaire like the K-dash Klan or the Beibs of the world to enjoy the glam photo booth experience that we’ve all been guilty of adoring!

Whether it’s a party, wedding, or corporate gala, Photo Booth Hire Melbourne has the wham-bam- thank-you-glam photo booths to sooth that glam photo booth itch!

How is the Kardashian style photo booth done? It’s all in the software and lighting, darling! Our Glam Booth comes with a white backdrop along with glamorous black and white skin softening technology that smooths out your complexion giving a truly stunning and glamorous result!

Look like a celebrity, feel like a celebrity! Create some seriously hot Instagram worthy pics with the Photo Booth Hire Melbourne Glam Booth!


Okay, what can we say about the Mirror Me Photo Booth that the photo below does not say for itself? A gorgeous full-length Mirror that you can take photos in front of? Umm, yes please! The Mirror Booth can be hired to capture photos in either portrait for glorious full-length photos, or horizontal for the more traditional photo booth experience. Guests will also be delighted by the fun, interactive animations that guide them through their photo booth experience!

The Mirror Me is a premium photo booth option and is a great match for those extra lux events!

melbourne mirror booth hire


We love an open photo booth experience but understand that sometimes, just sometimes, an event calls for a little separation. We collectively decided if we were to have an enclosed photo booth option at Photo Booth Hire Melbourne, that we would still want our guests to have the space and room to move when posing for their photos. Our semicircle backdrop can be hired in either black or white and are a great modern enclosed photo booth option as they can create a separation of spaces but also allow enough room for your guests to not feel claustrophobic while using the photo booth! Plus, they look absolutely impressive! #winwin! These backdrops can be hired with any of our photo booth options for an additional fee.

This photo booth option is suggested for events that need a little separation between the photo booth and the party for a modern, semi enclosed feel. This option is also only suggested for larger venue spaces as more room is required for the set-up.

And there you have it! Have we helped you narrow down the perfect photo booth for your event? We hope so, and if not, email us as we would be happy to help narrow down the choice for you!

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